Matis Eye Contour Line

Matis Paris Eyecare Line

Developed by exclusive laboratories in Paris, the Matis Eye Contour line is the secret to looking years younger. It dramatically improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and virtually stops the damaging effects of time and neglect!


Eye Care Gel. An excellent "instant beauty" product that smoothes out lines and brightens the eye area, making it appear more youthful and beautiful. Comforting tea extracts and Vitamin P remove congestion and puffiness. Ideal for those who have shadows or bags under their eyes, or for those who smoke and/or live in a smoky environment.

.5 oz: $38
Eye Contour Balm. An exceptional regenerative product that reverses all eye contour problems: lines, "crows feet", shadows, moisture loss and bags under the eyes! You will see marvelous results in just two weeks! The delicate moisturizing substances developed specifically for the eye area will strengthen, relax and nourish the contours of your eyes.

.5 oz: $36
Eyes and Lips Treatment Mask. An "extra dry skin treatment", this cream-mask nourishes the most dramatically dry skin around the eyes and repairs the most sorely chapped lips. An extraordinary product which your can use as a mask or as a daily treatment. Allow it to work all night and awake with eyelids and lips as smooth and soft as petals!

.7 oz: $42

 Eye Care Mask. For all those days when your eyes reveal too much, this "addictive" mask offers a spectacular "instant beauty" treatment for your eyes. In as little as ten minutes, this gel mask naturally gives the eye area a dazzling "face lift" bringing fresh life to weary eyes. Diminishes signs of fatigue and stress while smoothing the skin's surface, making the eyes appear "bigger" and refreshed.

.5 oz: $34