Integral DNA b.e.

6 Vial - 12 Day Treatment     $85

12 Vial - 24 Day Treatment     $160

To be used as an intensive ongoing treatment or several times a year.

Integral DNA b.e. is extracted from salmon milt, which is naturally rich in DNA.  "Integral" means the DNA molecule remains intact during the extraction process, thereby preserving all of the hydrogen bonds and enabling it to hold 10,000 times its volume in water.

Integral DNA b.e. re-establishes the natural balance in oily, dry, or combination skin, enables the skin to receive nutrients, creates a firming "Facelift Effect", activates tired skin cells, absorbs the sun's damaging UVB & UVC rays, and protects from cellular damage due to:  Stress, Sun, Environmental pollution, Improper diet, Tobacco, and Alcohol.

All natural, non-comedogenic and not tested on animals. 

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